Thursday, 30 June 2011

VIA 1 blocked by CN

On Thursday June 30 we went to The Saint James Junction to shoot some trains I mainly wanted to catch "The Canadian" at noon but things didn't go exactly how I planned. My mom parked on the north side of the tracks and I went on the south side,At around twelve I saw headlights to the east but then the train stopped short of Waverly street,Then came an eastbound it went slow and eventually stopped by Waverly street too. Heres the picture

  After it had stopped I notice bright headlights to the east I was hoping these belonged to the westbound freight but they were VIA's. It was switching from the south to the north track I was so mad. Why couldn't the westbound have been on the north track and VIA on the south ,or no meet at all or have my mom be on my side of the tracks and we could of went to Kenaston. Out of frustration I noticed the gap between the two intermodal cars I had the urge to climb through them but  stayed safe and didn't,VIA was getting closer so I decided to go right by the gap and film the train through it heres the result

What really mad me mad was this could of been a great picture since Loto Quebec loco 6414 was leading.
Well at least I came up with a good idea,From now on I'm always going to havce the car parked on the south side. I guess this just happens to every railfan having a good shot blocked.

A CP meet on The Carberry sub.

On June 29 we went out to The CP Carberry sub to shoot some trains. When we first got there an eastbound intermodal was approaching so I had to set up quickly. Heres the shot

After that the signals turned off but then turned on again at 21:00. First they were all red then the top on turned green meaning an eastbound train. Then I saw the eastbound's headlights but then a westbound's headlights. The westbound had grain and other interesting things on it it came first

Then came the eastbound,

I turned the camera around at 1:36 in the video to shoot the eastbound. Well that was a nice evening on the Carberry sub in Woodman.

Monday, 27 June 2011

A long CN 532 on June 26

On Sunday I wanted to catch CN 532 heading south out of Winnipeg. So we went to The Waller street crossing to shoot it. On the way there I saw it sitting in Fort Rouge probably waiting for clearance. When we got to Waller street I waited for a little bit then I saw The headlights to the north. Heres a pic of it a little ways from me

It took about 2 minutes for them to reach me.

Sunday's 532 was long it had to of had over 100 cars and was going pretty slow as you can see in the video. I've always wanted to see this train before and I finally have.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

CN 1501 RDC Budd car on The Letellier sub

On Saturday June 25 I wanted to see CN 532 on The Letellier sub. We headed out at about 10:30 to try and catch it. But at 11:20 I saw something coming from the north it wasn't 532 but I noticed it was a RDC. It was interesting because I've never seen one of these before.
 I'm guessing it was headed out to do some work on the tracks.

I hope this is going to be in Winnipeg for awhile so I can shoot it again. CN 1501 was the number.

Monday, 13 June 2011

VIA rail "The Canadian on Saturday June 11

On Saturday June 11 we went out to shoot "The Canadian" a The Saint James Junction. we went to Union station to see if it was there and sure enough there it was heres a shot of it in the station.

After that we headed out to The Saint James Junction to shoot it.When we crossed Waverly street a westbound intermodal went by but I was too late to shoot it. Right after that another CN was starting up heres the shot,

When we got to the diamond I waited awhile for VIA to show up. While I was waiting a couple of other railfans also showed up. I talked to them while we waited for VIA. The at 12:30 VIA showed up. There was nothing special on the train just the plain "Canadian".