Thursday, 31 March 2011

Via,BNSF,and CN on Thursday

At around noon on Thursday I went to Waverly street to shoot "The Canadian" at 12:00,sure enough at about 10 minutes after 12 it showed up at the corner at The Portage Junction. And rolled by me at 12:12,right on time.

   Later on that day I found out TrainGeek (Steve Boyko) also shot "The Canadian" at The Saint James Junction which is about a kilometer from here.

    About 8 minutes after the via left BNSF came out of their yard with 14 tank cars and 2 Gondolas headed to Fort Rouge with the caboose in the lead.

   It's nice to see BNSF in action.
   At 12:30 2 CN's had a meet. First CN 2720 pulled a train with mixed freight and intermodals past me.

        Then after that CN 5684 pulled another train past me.


   After that BNSF 2756 returned to Their yard with 2756 leading and 9 cars.


Then after that I waited about another 20 minutes and nothing came so then I left. It was a really nice train day though.

Monday, 28 March 2011

BNSF 2756 in Action at The Saint James Junction.

Like I said before when we were going to Taylor to shoot "The Canadian" BNSF 2756 was pushing a transfer out of their yard. I was able to get two shots of it.

The shots actually didn't turn out too bad. Then right after The VIA past BNSF returned to their yard with 18 cars.

   Here it is switching on to the track to enter the yard. It's caboose was right be the engine as you can see.

  This is a shot I took of just the loco right before it crossed Taylor and entered the yard. It was doing some really loud and long horn blasts.

This was the first time I saw BNSF 2756 and also the first time I caught a BNSF Manitoba transfer at The Saint James Junction. After this I think it was done for the day and went back into the shed. Hopefully I'll be able to catch another transfer at TSJJ next time.

Monday's "The Canadian"

We went to Wilkes ave at around noon to shoot Via rails The Canadian. On our way there we saw BNSF 2756  pushing a transfer to Fort Rouge. I waited at the diamond for about 10-20 minutes and then sure enough I saw the headlights come around the corner at The Portage Junction. Via 6452 was the lead loco of th ten cars train, The second unit had some kind of ad on it. Here are the shots i took.



 Then it disappeared as it went West to it's far destination, British Columbia.

Two trains on The Sprague

When we were driving on Highway 1 East of  Winnipeg we saw a train on The Sprague sub.At first I thought we totally missed it but i noticed it was going really slow into the siding. It had two DPUs in the middle so it was a must catch. We went all the way to Highway 206 to see it had came to a stop in the siding and the Westbound signal was green so I new another train was going to come. A few minutes later this train came into sight and rolled past me.

As you  can see in The video the train is going really fast.

About 16 minutes later The other train left the siding and headed East.

So this was a pretty good catch on The Sprague hopefully we'll get more another time.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

CN 2720 pulling intermodals on The Rivers sub

At 15:00 I saw green over red signal at Waverly street so I knew i train was coming. A few minutes later a train did come into sight. Heres a pic of the train from about 700 meters away.

At exactly 15:03 CN 2720 rolled past me with a really long intermodal train.

After that train past I waited for about another 30 minutes and nothing came so we left..

Monday, 21 March 2011

Saturday's trains

On Saturday (March 19) I went to shoot trains at The Saint James Junction. When we got therea CN intermodal just popped up and gave me surprise. I couldn't film it or get a picture of the head end but i got the DPU at the back

About 20 minutes after that another Westbound DPU CN container train rolled by. It had 2 DPU's one in the middle and one at the back.

Then about 30 minutes later I saw headlights to the east coming from around the bend at The Portage Junction by Fort rouge.

CN 2511&CN (ex UP)2121 pulled a long train with grain cars,tankers, and a lot of center beam flats.

I knew that Via rail's "The Canadian" was due to depart Union Station a 12:00 PM like it does on all Saturdays. Sure enough at about 12:10 PM I spotted the headlights to the east. It only took about 4 minutes for it to reach The Diamond its amazing how fast trains are.

I then noticed the signal at Waverly street was green over red meaning the was an Eastbound train coming. Then i saw the lights from the train in the distance. It turned out to be another CN DPU intermodal train.

After that we headed to Saint Boniface but didn't catch anything. So at 14:20 we headed home. On our way we saw a CN yard job intermodal train but I couldn't get a shot.

So Saturday turned to quite a good filming day after all.

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