Monday, 11 July 2011

BNSF's Staples sub part 2

On July 6 we headed to the staples sub to do more train filming. I stayed at The Amtrak depot in Detroit Lakes for awhile and nothing came.We then decided to head to the east. We eventually saw nothing but then I saw headlights so we pulled into county road 9 when a BNSF train rolled by

 9141 was in the lead

It also had BNSF 9831 as a DPU

As you can hear in the video the loco had a strange sounding horn.

After that something different showed up,a CSX train

It had something I've never seen,blinking ditch lights

Then a BNSF intermodal

After that we headed to Verndale along the way we saw a tank train

Once we got to Verndale an eastbound intermodal showed up

This train was going really fast probably about 50 or 60 KPH

then we headed back to Detroit Lakes their I caught to trains.First an eastbound mixed freight

 Then the westbound intermodal

Well that was another good day of filming trains on the Staples sub.

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  1. Great photos! You're having good luck down there.