Sunday, 10 July 2011

Minnesota-BNSF Staples subdivision part 1 with CP

Last tuesday we went for a three day trip to Minnesota to shoot parts of BNSF's Staples sub from Detroit Lakes To Staples.After we checked into our hotel we headed to the amtrak station in Detroit Lakes. At around 17:35 I heard horn blasts to the west and then soon enough a BNSF came through pulling a medium sized train. Here it is about a hundred or more feet away
 Heres the Official head end shot.

After that we headed east I then shot another eastbound at 18:20 near the edge of town, Heres a shot of it rounding the bend

This train was going a bit slower I think about 20 to40 MPH

Next we went to the west side I kept hearing train horns coming from the CP so we went to the CP tracks south of the city there we got two CP's .First the Northbound

 Then Southbound intermodal

Well that was a nice first day of filming trains in Minnesota.

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