Monday, 15 August 2011

Recent VIA's

Over the past few weeks I've been able to shoot a few VIA's mostly the eastbound Canadians. The first one is VIA 2 at the Kenaston overpass on Sunday July 31,

An interesting thing about this one is that it had a Coors light Silver bullet unit leading

The next VIA was Tuesdays eastbound Canadian this one was completely normal with no deadheads or wrapped units

The hard thing about shooting this train was that the sun was really bright.

The next VIA was "The Hudson Bay" at  16:06 on Aug 6 at the Kenaston overpass

This is the best shot I've ever gotten of this train

The next VIA was The eastbound Canadian on Sunday Aug 7 at 19:57

 The trailing unit was Loto Quebec

The next one is The Westbound Canadian on Saturday Aug 13 I hadn't seen The westbound for awhile so I really wanted to shoot it

The next day we went out to shoot VIA 693 leaving Winnipeg.

I kind of messed up on the shot because the engineer gave a horn blast which shocked me.

Then finally The Eastbound Canadian

Well that was nice to catch all those Via's

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  1. Fantastic shot of the Canadian on July 31! Very very nice.