Monday, 28 March 2011

BNSF 2756 in Action at The Saint James Junction.

Like I said before when we were going to Taylor to shoot "The Canadian" BNSF 2756 was pushing a transfer out of their yard. I was able to get two shots of it.

The shots actually didn't turn out too bad. Then right after The VIA past BNSF returned to their yard with 18 cars.

   Here it is switching on to the track to enter the yard. It's caboose was right be the engine as you can see.

  This is a shot I took of just the loco right before it crossed Taylor and entered the yard. It was doing some really loud and long horn blasts.

This was the first time I saw BNSF 2756 and also the first time I caught a BNSF Manitoba transfer at The Saint James Junction. After this I think it was done for the day and went back into the shed. Hopefully I'll be able to catch another transfer at TSJJ next time.

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