Monday, 21 March 2011

Saturday's trains

On Saturday (March 19) I went to shoot trains at The Saint James Junction. When we got therea CN intermodal just popped up and gave me surprise. I couldn't film it or get a picture of the head end but i got the DPU at the back

About 20 minutes after that another Westbound DPU CN container train rolled by. It had 2 DPU's one in the middle and one at the back.

Then about 30 minutes later I saw headlights to the east coming from around the bend at The Portage Junction by Fort rouge.

CN 2511&CN (ex UP)2121 pulled a long train with grain cars,tankers, and a lot of center beam flats.

I knew that Via rail's "The Canadian" was due to depart Union Station a 12:00 PM like it does on all Saturdays. Sure enough at about 12:10 PM I spotted the headlights to the east. It only took about 4 minutes for it to reach The Diamond its amazing how fast trains are.

I then noticed the signal at Waverly street was green over red meaning the was an Eastbound train coming. Then i saw the lights from the train in the distance. It turned out to be another CN DPU intermodal train.

After that we headed to Saint Boniface but didn't catch anything. So at 14:20 we headed home. On our way we saw a CN yard job intermodal train but I couldn't get a shot.

So Saturday turned to quite a good filming day after all.

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