Monday, 16 May 2011

A CP local? on Saturday on The Emerson sub

On Saturday May 14  we went out to Saint Boniface to shoot some trains. When we got to Mission street I spotted a CN on The Winnipeg high line  coming from Symington,had no time to set up so I took this quick grab shot.

After that we went to Plinguet street, I started hearing horn blasts from the North meaning that CP was on The Emerson sub. I got excited because I rarely see anything on The Emerson and never shot a southbound either. Here is the head end shot,

I think this train is most likely a local switcher since flooding has effected the route to Noyes Minnesota.


As you can see in the video the train was going pretty slow, This is due to the signal being yellow and as you can see in this picture the tracks its on look like their not in the best shape,

So that was a nice catch at 20:30 on The Emerson.

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