Saturday, 28 May 2011

A late VIA 692 on Saturday May 28

We went out to The Kenaston overpass to shoot "The Hudson Bay" arriving in Winnipeg. I waited for a long time for it to show up about 45 minutes.Then finally at about 16:50 I saw the headlights to the West.

This is a shot of the train when it was a long distance away. Note the really dark storm clouds.

This is a shot of it a few meters from the bridge.

Todays "Hudson Bay" had no dome car,usually its on the fourth car.

When I checked my subscriptions on Youtube I noticed that Train Geek also filmed the same train West of me near Diamond heres his his video.

Its funny and interesting when I film the same train as him in a different location.

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  1. Hi Billy, I was just at that spot today shooting 693 leaving town. :)