Saturday, 14 May 2011

VIA's "The Canadian" half an hour late on Saturday May 14

Sorry about the long wait, I have been busy for the past two weeks. Today (May 14) we went to shoot "The Canadian" at noon. We got to the Saint James Junction at about noon so I was worried we might miss it. I waited for awhile and at around 12:30 I saw the headlights at the Portage Junction 3 km away. As you may know "The Canadian" is returning to it's summer size. Here the 2 head end shots I got,

 The 2 units were both refurbished,never seen two at once. 18 cars were on this train.

Heres the going away shot

This was one of the best going away shots I have ever gotten of this train.

As you can hear in the video the engineer was ringing the bell for me. Well its nice to see VIA's "Canadian" in summer form.

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