Thursday, 7 April 2011

Not so good night shots of "The Canadian"

We went to The forks to look at the flood waters.Here is a pic of The flooding river.


I then heard a train from the south,I got ready to shoot it.I was expecting a CN but it was A Via rail most likely "The Canadian".Here it is crossing The swollen Assiniboine river.

   The train is either really early or late because the only Via train that runs on Thursday in Winnipeg leaves at 12:00 PM.  

Right after that a CN yard job came through with a short train.Here it is also crossing The Assiniboine river.

After that I waited to go shoot the head end of The Via. Because it was dark I couldn't get any really good shots,so here are the best 2.

Then we went to Saint Boniface. When we got to Archibald street a CP grain train was running South on The Emerson sub. I thought this was a must catch because I never see much traffic on The Emerson sub. The last time I saw a train on The Emerson sub was in February. We chased down Archibald but couldn't get to the head end. finally we saw the loco's .But because it was dark out This is all I could get,

Like the shot I did get though.


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