Tuesday, 26 April 2011

VIA 2 and CN

On Tuesday April 16 we decided to go bike down to Taylor to catch "The Canadian".It came early at 19:44,so we missed it crossing The Diamond. But I noticed it was stopped short of Waverly street...why? The answer came when I saw CN MOW crews and a CN freight that was switching over from the north track to the south track.The engineers had turned off all the lights as you can see in these shots.

After that we packed up and headed to Waverly to get "The Canadian". While I was passing by it I noticed it had a refurbished unit and The wrapped Loto Quebec loco 6414. By the time I got to The crossing on Waverly the train was humming up and started to move so I had to set up quickly. The loco was a nice five eyed.
I think this shot of the head end turned out pretty good.
 It was nice to see the wrapped Loto Quebec loco since its one of the only wrapped units left.

Also there was alot of ties along the the tracks, The Herzog multi purpose machine has been busy distributing them. Heres a picture of them,

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