Monday, 18 April 2011

VIA 2 with a four way meet

On Sunday April 17 we went to the CN Rivers sub to catch "The Canadian" going East. I never see this train because it comes in at 20:30 and its often to dark out then. There was an Eastbound intermodal train stopped on   the North track. So we went to Waverly street. On the South track was a stopped Westbound intermodal. After a little while a Westbound CN came into sight with lots of auto racks. The train was switching from the North track to the South track.

It also had a nice old BC rail unit in the second position.

I stopped the video early because the train was really long and slow.

After they cleared the track, CN 8896 pulled a long intermodal train past me.

Then finally at 20:48 "The Canadian" was clear to go.It had a refurbished unit in front.

After that the last train left and headed West.

Well it was nice seeing The eastbound "Canadian" and a four way meet in Winnipeg

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