Sunday, 3 April 2011

"The Canadian" on Saturday with Rocky Mountaineer cars

On Saturday we went to Wilkes to shoot "The Canadian" but first I shot 2 CN's first,

CN 2704 pulled a solid container train West. With a DPU in the middle.

As you can see my video camera is on the tripod but I never put the video on YouTube.

Then we went to Elmhurst street and shot another CN intermodal

Then we went back to The Saint James Junction to shoot "The Canadian". When I was there I heard horn blasts from th South meaning CP was was on The La Riviere subdivision and sure enough I saw lights to the South. Then I saw The Via come from around the bend at The Portage Junction.

"The Canadian" had ten cars as usual but it also had two Rocky Mountaineer cars.

Then they were off West. It's nice to see bonus Rocky Mountaineer cars on "The Canadian".

Like I was mentioning above,I kept hearing horn blasts from the South. So at about 12:20 CP ran this train North

CP 3028 is an old friend of mine that I often see on The La Riviere sub.

After The CP went by another CN westbound went by with intermodals ,boxcars, and other neat freight.    

 CN 2623 pulled this semi long train West.

 So it was a good Saturday on The Rivers subdivision in Winnipeg.

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  1. Great shots, Billy, and good catch on the Rocky Mountaineer cars on the Canadian. I see the 3028 / 1128 pair quite a bit on the La Riviere sub.